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  • Last stock! XRAY XB2C 2024 Carpet Edition 1/10 2WD Off-Road Buggy Kit XRAY XB2C 2024 Carpet Edition 1/10 2WD Off-Road Buggy Kit

    XRAY XB2C 2024 Carpet Edition 1/10 2WD Off-Road Buggy Kit

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    After a decade of worldwide success with the XB2, we reached the point in time to re-evaluate the current platform and to incorporate all the latest experiences, knowledge and current racing trends into a fully redesigned 2WD buggy. The all-new XB2’24 brings a completely new platform with 75% of components being redesigned and updated, making it for a completely new XB2 platform. XRAY XB2’24 All-new Features - New one-piece chassis design with integrated kick-up eliminates the lower brace and improves suspension geometry The wider chassis shape fits the latest batteries and has a milled pocket under the servo area for improved flex and optional weight placement The kits’ chassis lengths are selected to match typical track conditions: Medium for Carpet, Short for Dirt New elevated side braces improve flex characteristics and integrate with the new front upper deck The completely new front upper deck’s bridge design integrates with the new steering system and moves the shock tower forward with the shocks behind the tower The new anti-roll bar mounting system eliminates play for more consistent handling A new steering plate, steering arms and posts provide a wider range of geometry adjustments and improved steering response for easier control New 2 dot steering extensions match the new steering system geometry, working together to improve the steering angles and responsiveness Front roll center holder features the two most common inner camber link positions for simplified setup, along with provisions for the new anti-roll bar system The new anti-roll bar system uses shorter bar shapes with a top mounting system for easier adjustments Front shock tower integrates with the upper deck, placing the shocks behind the tower, with new front wing mounting locations All New 13.2mm shock design features new shock bodies, 2.0 and 2.5mm piston choices, shock caps, nuts and shock shafts The 13.2mm shocks use a new X-ring design for improved seal without excess friction for improved shock operation New conical springs have been selected to work with the new 13.2mm shock package RF and RR suspension holders move the inner pivot wider and alter geometry to 3 deg of integrated toe (w/ 0 inserts) for increased stability on all surfaces The rear shock tower lowers the shock position by 4mm for improved roll characteristics The improved gear diff (XB2C) with new diff case and new diff outdrives unifies drive shaft lengths between ball diff and gear diff The included 77mm driveshafts will work with both the ball diff and gear diff for simplified parts needs and easier differential changes between surfaces New universal 2-pad slipper with updated top shaft, slipper plates, spring and nut improves traction in all conditions Both Rear Motor and Front Motor gearboxes are included in each kit to adapt the XB2 to any surface or condition Both Standard and Disengaged rear arms are included in every kit to expand the tuning options out of the box Rear uprights with new lower roll center position improves stability with better resistance to collapsing in high-speed corners Narrower rear wheel hexes are optimized offset for use with the wider suspension holders New ‘Lush’ rear wing with significantly increased lifespan improves airflow and maintains chassis attitude over large jumps while improving traction in all conditions A composite cover is included for the front tower to provide protection in crashes and increase lifespan. The included front wing is mounted to the front shock tower New Carpet and Dirt bodies match the new chassis profile with improved airflow for better handling Front & Rear LSM arms in Medium composite are suitable for all conditions and provide better crash durability Medium composite steering blocks, C-hubs and uprights provide additional durability out of the box Optional stainless steel weigh plate matches the new chassis cutout and uses tapered holes for easier installation and weight balance adjustment Wire organizer helps maintain clear electronics installation 30mm Fan Holder for additional ventilation

    1 in stock



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