Team Associated 13mm Rear Shock Spring (White/1.9lbs) (61mm)

Team Associated 13mm Rear Shock Spring (White/1.9lbs) (61mm)


SKU: ASC91948

Team Associated 13mm Rear Shock Spring. These replacement springs springs are intended for the Team Associated B6.4D, however, they will also work with the Team Associated B6.4D as a tuning option. Package includes two springs.

Effects of Shock Spring Changes
 Shock Spring  Characteristic
  • Increased Chassis Roll
  • Increased Traction
  • Better in Bumpy Conditions
  • More Likely to Bottom Out
  • Decreased Chassis Roll
  • Decreased Traction
  • Increased Responsiveness

Team Associated RC10 B74.2
Team Associated RC10 B74.2D
Team Associated RC10B6.4
Team Associated RC10B6.4D

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