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  • Last stock! Reedy S-Plus Competition Spec Torque Brushless Motor (17.5T)

    Reedy S-Plus Competition Spec Torque Brushless Motor (17.5T)

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    The Reedy S-Plus Competition Spec Brushless Motor was developed over several months of behind-the-scenes track testing. The heart of the S-Plus is a thin leg stator that allows shorter wire lengths, resulting in a massive reduction in resistance. This reduction in resistance, hovering just above the minimum allowed by R.O.A.R., means that the S-Plus is Reedy's most powerful spec motor ever!The thin-leg stator offers another benefit -- weight reduction. By reducing the motor's weight, handling and chassis turning flexibility improves. Machined parts such as the can, timing cap, back plate, and sensor assembly have been placed on a diet. An entire section of the front plate has been removed to reduce weight with an added benefit of allowing the user to re-position it to lower CG depending on which type of car it is being installed in. A savings of nearly 30g has been achieved! Additionally, the motor's length has been reduced by more than 2mm, which aids left/right balance and moves mass towards the center of the chassis.A redesigned high-strength, balanced rotor is more powerful that its predecessor. Because the rotor is interchangeable with those in 540-M3 spec motors, a wide range of tuning options are already available. Precision stainless steel ball bearings have been fitted to accommodate high RPM loads with exceptional efficiency and reliability.Features: 17.5 Turn CNC-machined lightweight can Low-resistance stator High-strength, balanced rotor Silver-plated solder tabs Precision ball bearings Optimized air cooling Adjustable Timing Competition proven R.O.A.R. approved (pending) Specifications:Cells: 1-2S LiPoDiameter: 35.8mmLength: 50.4mmShaft Diameter: 3.15mmWeight: 147g

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