XRAY Composite Steering Block (Graphite)

XRAY Composite Steering Block (Graphite)


SKU: XRA362250-G

This is an XRAY Graphite Composite Steering Block. This molded composite steering block is made from specially-formulated graphite composite material is a perfect balance between reliability and performance. Compact yet rugged steering blocks are molded from a special composite mixture for maximum strength, perfect for high-traction conditions. The graphite steering blocks make the car more stable and increase cornering speed.

For maximum drivetrain reliability, larger 5x12mm ball-bearings are used in the outer position with increased dynamic load. On the inner position, smaller 5x10mm ball-bearings are used to minimize unsprung weight.


XRAY XB4 2016
XRAY XB4 2017
XRAY XB4 2018
XRAY XB4 2019
XRAY XB4 2020
XRAY XB4 2021 Carpet
XRAY XB4 2021 Dirt
XRAY XB4 Original

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