XRAY Aluminum Multi Adjustable Rear Upright

XRAY Aluminum Multi Adjustable Rear Upright


SKU: XRA323355

This is an optional XRAY Aluminum Multi Adjustable Rear Upright. This super-compact rear upright is CNC-machined from high-grade Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and features multiple set-up options for upper and lower roll centers.

Upper roll center is adjusted with the camber linkage via shims in all directions – up/down & in/out. Lower roll center is adjustable via eccentric inserts in 9 different positions – up/down & in/out.

The race-proven, 2-piece design allows fine-adjustment and increases durability as well performance. Using the aluminum uprights make the car more stable and increases overall side grip and forward traction. Traction under braking is also improved.

The upright fits on both left & right sides. Must be used with the longer drive shafts.


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XRAY XB2 2017 Dirt
XRAY XB2 2018 Carpet
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XRAY XB2 2019 Dirt
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