XRAY 42mm Front Shock Spring Set (1 Dots) (2)

XRAY 42mm Front Shock Spring Set (1 Dots) (2)


SKU: XRA368191

This is an optional set of two XRAY One Dot 42mm Front Shock Springs, intended for use with the XB2C 2019 Carpet Edition Buggy and XB2D Dirt Edition Buggy kits.

Effects of Shock Spring Changes
 Shock Spring  Characteristic
  • Increased Chassis Roll
  • Increased Traction
  • Better in Bumpy Conditions
  • More Likely to Bottom Out
  • Decreased Chassis Roll
  • Decreased Traction
  • Increased Responsiveness

XRAY XB2 2019 Carpet
XRAY XB2 2019 Dirt
XRAY XB2 2020 Carpet
XRAY XB2 2020 Dirt
XRAY XB2 2021 Carpet
XRAY XB2 2021 Dirt
XRAY XB4 2020
XRAY XB4 2021 Carpet
XRAY XB4 2021 Dirt
XRAY XT2 2021 Carpet

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