XRAY 1.4mm Anti-Roll Bar

XRAY 1.4mm Anti-Roll Bar


SKU: XRA362474

This is an optional XRAY 1.4mm Anti-Roll Bar, and is intended for use with the XRAY XB4 1/10 scale 4WD buggy. This bar can be used in the front or rear of the vehicle and is thicker/harder than the stock 1.2mm bar included with the XB4.  

XRAY anti-roll bars are manufactured from special spring steel material and are used to stabilize the car. Both the front and rear bars are mounted to the differential cases and can be easily adjusted via linkages. The bars are laser engraved for easy identification and are available in different sizes for fine-tuning options.

XB4 Anti-Roll Bar Rates:

  • XRA362470: 1.0mm
  • XRA362471: 1.1mm
  • XRA362472: 1.2mm (Standard F & R)
  • XRA362473: 1.3mm
  • XRA362474: 1.4mm
  • XRA362476: 1.6mm
  • XRA362478: 1.8mm


    • XRAY XB4 2016
      XRAY XB4 2017
      XRAY XB4 2018
      XRAY XB4 2019
      XRAY XB4 2020
      XRAY XB4 2021 Carpet
      XRAY XB4 2021 Dirt
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