Team Losi Racing 5x8x2.5mm Bearings (2)

Team Losi Racing 5x8x2.5mm Bearings (2)


SKU: TLR237000

This is a pack of two replacement Team Losi Racing 5x8x2.5mm Bearings, and are intended for use with the Team Losi Racing 22 line of 1/10 scale vehicles, as well as the XXX line of 1/10 scale vehicles. These bearings are used in the ball differential. 


Losi 22 1.0Losi 22 2.0Losi 22 3.0Losi 22 3.0 SPEC-RacerLosi 22 4.0Losi 22 4.0 SPEC-RacerLosi 22 5.0 ACLosi 22 5.0 DCLosi 22 5.0 EliteLosi 22 5.0 SRLosi 22SCT 1.0Losi 22SCT 2.0Losi 22SCT 3.0Losi 22T 1.0Losi 22T 2.0Losi 22T 3.0Losi 22T 4.0Losi 22X-4Losi LST XXL 2Losi LST XXL2-ELosi TEN Rally XLosi TEN-SCTE 3.0Losi XXX-4Losi XXX-CRLosi XXX-SLosi XXX-SCBLosi XXX-SCTLosi XXX-TLosi XXX-T CRLosi XXX-T MF2

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