Spaz Stix "Electric Blue" Fluorescent Airbrush Paint (2oz)

Spaz Stix "Electric Blue" Fluorescent Airbrush Paint (2oz)


SKU: SZX02250

This is a bottle of Spaz Stix "Electric Blue" fluorescent paint! Spaz Stix is the premier BRAND when it comes to high-end RC Paints... whether your a seasoned PRO or just breaking into the industry you'll find that nothing beats Spaz Stix when it comes to un-surpassed quality and ease of use!


Spaz Stix Paint - Fireball Orange Fluorescent & Electric Blue Fluorescent


NOTE: Spaz Stix paints now comes 2oz to a package, and you may receive a single 2oz bottle of paint, or two 1oz bottles in a package. Either way the total amount of paint is always 2oz.

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