Samix SCX24 Brass Servo Mount (Black) (EcoPower/Emax)

Samix SCX24 Brass Servo Mount (Black) (EcoPower/Emax)



The Samix SCX24 Brass Servo Mount is a heavy duty servo mount option for the SCX24 family of trucks that allows the use of stronger, more precise and more durable mini servos. Plus, this mount adds 7 grams of unsprung weight to the front axle to improve the front/rear weight bias and help to offset the weight of a heavy body.

This mount makes it easy to convert your mini rig to use the EcoPower 827 or EMAX ES08MAII servo, while at the same time providing a more rigid front upper link mount to help provide more precise suspension movement. Package includes servo mount and hardware.

  • CNC machined billet brass, coated black
  • Adds 7 grams of weight to the front axle
  • More durable than stock plastic mount
  • Will not flex like stock mount when high torque servo is used
  • Creates a stiffer upper linkage mount
  • Direct fit for EcoPower 827 emax ES08 servos without any modifications
  • Direct install upgrade for stock plastic Axial servo mount, no modification required (Not compatible with factory servo)


  • Axial SCX24

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