Pro-Line Prism 2.2" Rear Buggy Pre-Mounted Carpet Tires (White) (2) w/12mm Hex

Pro-Line Prism 2.2" Rear Buggy Pre-Mounted Carpet Tires (White) (2) w/12mm Hex


SKU: PRO827713

The Pro-Line Prism 2.0 Pre-Mounted Carpet 2.2" Rear Buggy Tires feature even more Ultra-Sharp Prism-shaped Pins when compared to the original for longer lasting tread and more consistent performance. The Prism 2.0 features a lower profile tire carcass shape that lowers your car's center of gravity for improved corner speed. The Prism pins are positioned with the knife edge pointed front to back and side to side for maximum grip and stay sharp even as they wear down. The tire also features directional side tread so you can tune the performance of your tires to the current track conditions. You can choose to mount the standard Prism pins on the outside for more aggressive grip, or you can mount the vertical side pins to the outside for more forgiving grip. 

The Prism 2.0 buggy rear tires now come conveniently pre-mounted on the Velocity 2.2" Rear Hex wheels. The Velocity is an ultra-lightweight and durable rear racing wheel that will get your buggy around the track with confidence. Eliminating rotating mass in such a precision class is crucial to gaining an edge over the competition and these Velocity wheels shave off several grams of weight compared to stock wheels.

  • Tire:
    • Even More Ultra-Sharp Prism Shaped Pins that Stick to the Carpet
    • Low Profile Tire Shape = Faster Lap Times
    • Long Lasting & Super Consistent Performance
    • Directional Side Tread – Choose between More or Less Aggressive
    • Combine with Pro-Line's Front Carpet Tires for an Unbeatable Combination
    • Made in the USA
  • Wheel:
    • Ultra-lightweight Design
    • Several Grams Lighter than Stock
    • Latest in Wheel Styling and Performance
    • Protects the Nut and Axle from Damage during Collisions
    • Made from Durable Nylon Material
Height: 3.25" (83mm)
Width: 1.58" (40mm)

  • (2) Prism 2.0 2.2" Rear Tires 
  • (2) Foam Inserts 
  • (2) Velocity 2.2" Rear Hex wheels

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