Pro-Line Desperado Rear Bead-Loc Wheels (2) (Black/Black)

Pro-Line Desperado Rear Bead-Loc Wheels (2) (Black/Black)
Pro-Line Desperado Rear Bead-Loc Wheels (2) (Black/Black)
Pro-Line Desperado Rear Bead-Loc Wheels (2) (Black/Black)

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Desperado - a bold, reckless criminal or outlaw, especially in the early days of the American West. This is exactly what the Desperado represents. The 5B is by far one of the most intriguing releases in RC to date. It’s 20lb plus chassis combined with unbelievable power and durability truly make it an outlaw of the American West and beyond.  Get ready to enhance the look and performance of your 5B or Pro-Line 5T conversion with the new Desperado wheel.

The Desperado wheels has a +.100 added offset to give your 5B and Pro-Line 5T conversion added stability. The outer and inner bead-locs have been beefed up to give each bead-loc greater durability and stronger hold of the tire bead.

Converting to the Pro-Line 5T is easy. Simply purchase the Desert Rat 5T body (part # 3292-60), Excavator tires (part # 1148-01 x 2) and Desperado Rear wheels (part # 2707-01 x 2 black/chrome, or 2706-03 x 2 black/black). Due to the added offset of the rear wheels, they are used to convert the 5B into a 5T, instantly.

If you’re looking to simply replace your 5B wheels and upgrade to the latest in wheel trends and a wheel design that increases wheel durability, then order part # 2706-01 or 2706-03 for the front and 2707-01 or 2707-03 for the rear.

Desperado wheels are as strong as they come. A durable nylon material coupled with beefed-up bead-locs and aluminum ring supports around the hex ensure for a long-lasting combination.

Available in a gleaming chrome finish or a satin black finish, both with satin black bead-locs.
When you’re looking to upgrade your Baja 5B or want to convert your 5B to a Pro-Line 5T, then check out the Desperado wheels only from Pro-Line.

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