Hobbywing Quicrun 10BL60 Sensored Brushless ESC

Hobbywing Quicrun 10BL60 Sensored Brushless ESC
Hobbywing Quicrun 10BL60 Sensored Brushless ESC
Hobbywing Quicrun 10BL60 Sensored Brushless ESC


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Hobbywing Quicrun 10BL60 Sensored Brushless ESC. 

  • High performance but low price- users can own this reliable race-ready ESC at an affordable cost.
  • Compact size, suitable for various car chassis. 
  • Auto identification system can recognize sensored or sensorless brushless motors automatically. 
  • Smooth operation and plentiful adjustment options. Suitable for most kinds of competitions.
  • 8 steps of timing adjustment greatly increase the output power of the motor and unlock its maximum potential. 
  • Proportional brake with 4 steps of Maximum Brake Force adjustment, 8 steps of Drag Brake Force adjustment and 4 steps of Initial Brake Force adjustment. 
  • 9 steps of acceleration (punch) adjustment, from “soft” to “very aggressive” to fit various of cars, tires and tracks.
  • Multiple protections: Low voltage cut-off protection for LiPo or NiMH battery / Over-heating protection / Throttle signal loss protection / Motor Lock-up protection. 
  • One-button sets the ESC. Easily reset all parameters to factory default settings. 
  • Compatible with optional device ---- the portable Digital LED Program Card, especially convenient for outdoor use.

  • Applications: 1/10 & 1/12 On-road / Off-road / F1 / Drift car race / Street race for fun / Club racing / STOCK race with 0 timing / Drift car race
  • Cont./Peak Current/Resistance: 60A/380A/0.0008?
  • Motor Type Supported: Sensored / Sensorless Brushless Motor
  • Car Applicable: 1:10 On-road/Off-road/Buggy/Monster
  • Motor Limit: 
    • 2S LiPo or 4-6 cell NiMH: ?8.5T(1/10 On-road), ?13.5T(1/10 Off-road)*
    • 3S LiPo or 8-9 cell NiMH: ?13.5T(1/10 On-road), ?17.5T(1/10 Off-road)*
  • Battery: 4-9 cell NiMH, 2-3S LiPo
  • BEC Output: 6V/2A (Linear Mode)
  • Size: 33mm(L)*28mm(W)*31.5mm(H, with cooling fan) 
  • Weight: 59g (with wires, without cooling Fan)
  • External Program Port: Available
*NOTE: Indicates the limit value of motor turns when the ESC timing is set to 0. The larger the timing, the more turns the motor needs.

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