DuraTrax X-Cons Pre-Mounted 1/8 Buggy Tire (Yellow) (2) (C2 - Soft)

DuraTrax X-Cons Pre-Mounted 1/8 Buggy Tire (Yellow) (2) (C2 - Soft)



This is a set of two Duratrax Pre-Mounted X-Cons 1/8 Scale Buggy Tires, mounted to a white or yellow dish wheel. Available in both Soft C2 or Super Soft C3 compound, this aggressive style on-road type tread will provide excellent traction for drivers looking for a optimum tire for dominance when driving on paved roads, concrete, or other similar types of surfaces. 

  • Good all-around performance tire 
  • Innovative tread designs, identified easily at a glance by durable color-coding on the sidewalls
  • Unique wheel hub pattern for better nut grip
  • Decals provided for marking each tire’s mounting position, simplifying future set-up

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