AKA EVO Zipps 1/8 Buggy Pre-Mounted Tires (2) (Yellow) (Soft - Long Wear)

AKA EVO Zipps 1/8 Buggy Pre-Mounted Tires (2) (Yellow) (Soft - Long Wear)
AKA EVO Zipps 1/8 Buggy Pre-Mounted Tires (2) (Yellow) (Soft - Long Wear)
AKA EVO Zipps 1/8 Buggy Pre-Mounted Tires (2) (Yellow) (Soft - Long Wear)



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AKA EVO Zipps 1/8 Buggy Pre-Mounted Tires are designed with durability and stability in mind, perfect for today's high wear and high grip tracks. The ZIPPS features a very dense symmetrical block tread pattern with a center staggered rib. The dense block pattern puts as much rubber on track as possible while still allowing dust to clear from the tire patch. This enables superior wear and stability while remaining controllable off line in the dust. The center rib decreases rolling resistance on the straights and creates a very stable platform in the center of the tire.  AKA also updated the block design to allow for more deflection. This allows the block to flex a bit more front to rear to gain forward bite while still remaining stable side to side.


  • Red Insert (Soft): The red insert is designed to soak up the big bumps with its fluted I.D. while still holding its shape in the turns to increase corner speed and consistency.
  • Tread Performance: Each tire tread is computer designed and track tested by AKA engineers Gil Losi, Mark Pavidis and team drivers to ensure the best performance before each tire goes into production.
  • Lifespan: The long life of the AKA tires is due to the collective decades of rubber compound development Gil Losi brings to the table. In fact, Mark and Gil have been responsible for developing some of the most successful tires in off-road racing for a generation. Each compound is tested in labs then rigorously track tested to ensure the highest quality.
  • Balance: Like AKA inserts and wheels, tire balance is critical to superior performance and it's a priority in AKA tires. Mold components are manufactured to the highest tolerances to ensure the best possible alignment of all the mold components. This results in a tire with more uniform thickness for the best possible balance.
  • Mold Accuracy: AKA tire molds are made in the U.S.A. using the most advance mold-making techniques and processes available. The cost is higher to produce such a precision mold, but its part of an uncompromising desire to deliver the highest quality product available.
  • Assembly Quality: AKA R-Line Pre-Mounts are all hand assembled using AKA Premium tire glue and are double checked for adhesion quality. There is no doubt AKA has the best pre-mounts in the industry.

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