Arrma Body Post Set

Arrma Body Post Set


SKU: ARA320357


This high-quality Body Post Set is manufactured from super-tough material that will provide long-lasting durability for your ARRMA vehicle.


Strong composite material for hard-wearing performance - Precision manufactured mounting holes for added fitting security - Multiple body shell mounting heights - Large self adjusting platform for the body to sit on provided by the two-piece body mounts 


2 x Short body post with fixed platform

2 x Short body post

4 x Medium body post

2 x Long body post

4 x Body post platform


Arrma Felony 6S BLXArrma Infraction 6S BLXArrma Infraction V2 6S BLXArrma Kraton 4S BLXArrma Kraton 6S BLXArrma LimitlessArrma Notorious 6S BLXArrma Outcast 4S BLXArrma Outcast 6S BLXArrma Typhon 3S BLXArrma Typhon 4X4 550Arrma Vorteks 3S BLX

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